SF Blockchain
Week 2019.

San Francisco & Berkeley

October 28November 3, 2019

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SF Blockchain Week is where blockchain startups, enterprise companies, academics, developers, and investors from around the world come together to define the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

If you want to connect and engage with the ideas and people at the forefront of the Internet of Value, we'll see you at SF Blockchain Week 2019.


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October 31st - November 1st

San Francisco Marriott Marquis
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SFBW18 Recap.

“There's going to come a day, two or three or four years from now, where we're going to see that everything [Wall Street firms] do - crypto does it better”

Naval Ravikant

Founder of AngelList

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“I like to invest in things that never happened before, that’s where the signal is, that’s where the returns are.”

John Burbank

Founder of Passport Capital

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“I think our goal should be to have protocols that are secure under as a large array of realistic assumptions as possible.”

Vitalik Buterin

Founder of Ethereum

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“The end game would be, cryptocurrency will be used / mass adopted and will actually be the default currency people use. And Fiat currency will be the currency that’s volatile.”

Charlie Lee

Founder of Litecoin

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“The mechanisms designs, in particular, feel like a reflection of your personal tendencies and who you are as a person and what your values are.”

Joseph Poon

Co-founder of Handshake and Plasma

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Other Official Events.

October 28th - 29th

CryptoEconomics Security Conference

Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley

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October 30th

Blockchain Career Fair

International House, UC Berkeley

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November 1st - 3rd

DeFi HackAtom - Hackathon

San Francisco (TBA)

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Event Highlights.

SF Blockchain Week seeks to provide world-class education for both consumers and developers with the goal of pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation. The focus of this week-long, immersive experience is to help the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and engagement with projects leading the way. There is truly something for everyone at this action-packed event. We ask that attendees follow two simple rules: Come to Learn and Stay Curious!

SFBW Epicenter 2019

October 31 - November 1, 2019
Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Epicenter is the main event of SF Blockchain Week that brings together the world’s blockchain community for an immersive experience by bringing the top blockchain companies, academics, developers, and investors from around the world to define the future of blockchain and crypto-currencies.

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CryptoEconomics Security Conference

October 28 - 29, 2019
Location: Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley Campus

This conference will explore the economic security aspects of blockchain protocols, including game theory, incentive design, mechanism design and market design along with other topics related to crypto-economics security, and to foster collaborations among researchers and practitioners working on these topics.

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Blockchain Career Fair

October 30, 2019
Location: International House, UC Berkeley

The Blockchain Career Fair at UC Berkeley connects the brightest minds with frontier blockchain companies. We connect leading engineers and problem-solvers to companies to bring new solutions to old problems.

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DeFi HackAtom

November 1 - 3, 2019
Location: Downtown San Francisco (TBA)

This hackathon is an opportunity to build your ideas alongside protocol experts, mentors, companies, and developers who are creating decentralized finance infrastructure and applications to power the freedom of ownership.

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Monday, Oct.28, 8:30AM - Tuesday Oct.29, 5:00PM

Pauley Ballroom, UC Berkeley

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San Francisco Marriott Marquis

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